Personal Electronic Devices & Modern-day Marketing

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It has been nearly 10 years since smartphones first became popular and during that time there have been huge advances in the technology used. Now the world of personal
electronics spans way further than smartphones or laptops. There’s tablets of all sizes, smartwatches, kindles, just to name a few. If we can compare smartphone media consumption to that of television for instance, in the last 4- 5 years, smartphones have surpassed television. Mobile commerce is massively on the rise and the trend is set to continue. For many companies, mobile marketing may not necessarily be something they have a strategy for at present but this is sure to change as businesses see the benefits of marketing in this way.

Mobile Video Advertisement Marketing

A big way to reach consumers via smartphones & other personal electronical devices, is through mobile video. As mentioned above, people are now watching more media on their 5-inch displays than they are on their 50-inch Smart TV’s so mobile video advertising is a great way to take advantage of this. According to recent surveys, the average smartphone consumer nowadays spends around 85% of their time using applications. This means that if you place the right advertisements with the right apps to suit your demographic, you’ll be sure to see improvements in your product sales. It’s all about understanding your market and how you can reach out to your customer base through this form of media. If you are unsure how to do this then companies such as AppsFlyer & AppsLovin offer great services in this sector. They’ll help you to place the right video, with the right app so you are sending out the right message.

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Is Paris the New Capital of Webdesign?

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As Google rolled out RankBrain a couple of month ago, there is no doubt that we, as online marketers, need to emphasize our website’s dwell and think more about our visitors.

Many experts in the industry now highlight the importance of our CTR in the search results. If I agree on that, I personally think that we need to get some serious work on our website design.

As I am purely analytics driven, design is not really my thing. I thus went on the look-out of the best agencies out there that could help me in the process.

New York City was definitely the first place I looked into but what I noticed is that there were freaking great agencies in Paris as well! So good that I thought to myself “Is Paris the New Capital of Webdesign?” Let me introduce my 3 favorites to you (btw, if you want a complete list check this url -in French-:

#1: Merci-Michel

Merci-Michel is a digital production house. We are specialised in creating cutting edge interactive solutions, ground breaking user interfaces and immersive campaigns. Founded by Adrien Pin (Digital Producer), Antoine Ménard (Art Director & Motion Designer) and Pierre-François Hagège (Art Director & Photographer), Merci-Michel aims to be an unavoidable french digital workshop, combining creative and technical expertise.


Fcinq [fsek] n. 1 This is the button that refreshes the screen. 2. Originally graphic artists, animators and developers, today is a team of thirty people, whose businesses range from strategy development through the happy and the ow design brand. Whatever the medium they strive to bring the highest quality service to create experiences, and brand universe to convey a feeling, an emotion and make your communication a successful exchange with the end user. 3. Our projects say more about us than words.


Passionate about interactivity and design, Bonhomme creates ergonomic digital solutions based on innovative technologies.

Bonhomme was born in 2013, founded by Morgane Urbain & Emmanuel Cruellas, Producer & Art Director. After several succesfull projects, talents reached the team to offer a larger range of digital solutions.

So what do you think?


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How to promote a computer business and is it necessary for it to be promoted? Comments Off on How to promote a computer business and is it necessary for it to be promoted?

How to promote a computer business and is it necessary for it to be promoted?

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   There are many cases of modern computer business in the last years, and all parts of it are being done online. This is quite useful for people around the world. Here are some of the major points of work of this computer business and the most important of it all: How does marketing affect the success of the business?

    1_166Many young entrepreneurs are opening all sorts of companies online. There are many good reasons for it. There aren’t much taxes; you do not have many people that work with you. You can be your boss. People in this job open mostly companies connected to selling products and some similar things. One of the most sold product online is the computer and in this way, there are many interesting businesses and companies online which are connected to this way of trading online.

    These companies are working very well only because of their marketing investments. They are using all the services, tricks and cheats to which they have access, to get some popularity. One of the most used ways of promoting is via social networks. The most popular social network is Facebook and offers of various companies, especially those connected with some work on computers, share itself quickly. People are sharing online PC offers with great speed. If you lack some popularity, then you can invest in your marketing campaign so that Facebook promotes your products to other people even if they do not want to see that.Facebook-Marketing

    People who are working in these companies are taking various classes in marketing schools and in this way they are improving their marketing skills and their marketing techniques. This advertisement business sometimes can be quite frustrating, but it does making a good advantage to this business.

    mm5The best commercial for your online store is to present it in some simple video on YouTube. YouTube is the second most popular site in the world. YouTube is very good for promoting no just computer products but also all other things connected to the advertising. If you have ever seen a video before the starting of the video, you have selected then there might be a good chance that that video, in particular, is some a commercial.

    To present this business in the good light, you need to provide a quality service of your company. Good service is something which is very important because if your quality isn’t that great, people will go to some other company.

    Anyhow, this is how much this advertisement program is important to the promotion of your company and its success in general. If you want to make it even better then you should invest in the advertisement and the greater and greater quality of your work.wpid-Online-Advertisement1

    Nonetheless, here are some interesting ways of advertisement online so don’t forget to check it if you might need one.

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